Two scenarios usually exist in medium size businesses and organisations. 

The first is where an organisation employs a marketing officer to implement day to day marketing activity. This person is often very capable in some areas of marketing, but hasn’t quite got the experience and skills to really drive a strategy and leverage opportunities. They need some guidance, but marketing is not management’s forte. However, they cannot afford (and usually doesn’t need) a full time Chief Marketing Officer or Director. 

The second scenario is where an organisation needs a wide range of marketing skills, but doesn’t require a full time employee. And in the Territory, it’s near impossible to find someone suitable on a part time basis. So the organisation has to resort to expensive agencies, or contract someone ‘down south’ who doesn’t quite get the nuisances of The Territory. 

If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, Flipt can help. Think of it as outsourcing a Chief Marketing Officer, without having to employ a full time person on an ongoing basis. 

Flipt is about helping organisations get their marketing strategy and plan on track, while setting up the platforms and campaigns that help you best achieve your business goals. 

Marketing needs are not uniform. Not everyone needs a Facebook page, not everyone needs programmatic advertising or TV commercials. But organisations are constantly bombarded by agencies, online marketing platforms and sales execs telling them they need everything from Automation to Zine. 

Flipt will assess your business goals and develop a brand and/or marketing strategy that actually fits your business model. We’ll help you get it underway, plan and negotiate the best advertising packages when they’re needed, ensure your sponsorship is getting you returns, find the right messaging to align with your brand, and develop your media plan so you can leverage opportunities from what you’re already doing in your business. 

Where you need it, we’ll fill the gaps to develop the body of work. If applicable, we’ll also help train and upskill your marketing officer, or even help recruit one, so that over time you are less reliant on our billable hours. We can stay on for minimum hours to provide guidance, or step back in when you need a targeted focus or review. 

We’ll let you focus on your business while you know you’re getting some bang for your marketing buck.