After many years working in private enterprise and government, we’ve seen numerous agencies base their business model on generating additional work from their clients.


This is often done by writing a strategy that doesn’t have a clear and manageable action plan for internal staff to follow, meaning the agency needs to be re-engaged to write or implement additional plans and campaigns.


FlipT takes the philosophy that helping businesses achieve their goals will generate its own reward through recommendations and a strong reputation. 

Branding is never about just a logo and colour scheme, it’s about finding a collective voice and the differentiated identity that resonates with the right audience. How you promote the brand through marketing is equally variable. We literally flip the process on its head and build a strategy around business needs, rather than just clever creative. 

What we aren’t: 

  • A graphic design agency. We have general skills in graphic design and web design, but will work with our own or other agencies for complex creative work. 

  • A sales agency. We do not take commission or have exclusivity contracts with any third party - either traditional advertising or online. This means we’ll make decisions based on what is best for you and your business. 

  • A production agency - we’ll work with others when TVCs or video is required, depending on your need, budget and existing relationships.